1.5 inch anime designs that can be Buttons, Magnets or Keychains

Anime Options Available

★ Aggretsuko

★ Attack on Titans

★ Avatar

★ Card Captors

★ Death Note

★ Domo

★ Fairy Tail

★ Full Metal Alchemist

★ Gloomy

★ Gurren Lagaan

★ Kill La Kill

★ My Neighbour Totoro

★ Naruto

★ Ouran High

★ Panty & Stocking

★ Princess Mononoke

★ Sailor Moon

★ Sanrio

★ Soul Eater

★ Spirited Away

★ Trigun

★ xxxHolic


Sizing & Details

★ 1.5" Round

★ Pin-Back Button


Photo Guide

★ Photos showing designs available for buttons

★ Last Photo: Size comparison to a quarter coin & examples of the backsides of the pin-back buttons, magnets & keychains


★ All items are made to order & orders of the same items may show slight differences from one another


★ Colours on screen may appear slightly different on printed items


★ Misc Marion Dino will not appear on finished products


DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters or symbols, my designs are fan art

Anime Pin-Back Buttons, Magnets or Keychains

  • 1. Select the style of item that you would like (Pin-Back Button, Magnet, or Keychain)


    2. Enter the quantity of Buttons, Magnets, or Keychains that you would like


    3. Please list your design requests, this is needed so that I know what to send you!