Ai-Kon & Shop notice~

Yesterday I decided to put my shop in vacation mode so that I can focus on my art table at Ai-kon! (Local anime convention that I attend yearly)

After Ai-kon, my shop will remain in vacation mode as I will be out of town for a couple of days.

* I will be re-opening my shop Friday July 18th & adding my new items that I am debuting at Ai-kon! *

I will be updating my website pages to reflect my items!

Thank you for your support & patience!


Okay, so the summer is approaching & so it Ai-Kon (local anime convention that I attend yearly) & lots is happening in regards to my items/art!

T-SHIRTS ~ I wanted to have t-shirts available sooner, but things have come up & have gotten in the way so I am exploring my options for getting them printed.

SCARVES ~ So this is exciting.. since winter is over I can’t really be making the same fleece scarves as I was before. So, I am very close to getting light summer scarves printed up, I just need to get the designs finalized! :D

MUGS ~ More chalkboard mugs will be coming, As well as regular mugs with my art sublimated onto them!

BUTTONS/MAGNETS/KEYCHAINS ~ I am working on many new designs to debut the weekend of Ai-Kon (so, July 11th ish)

MORE possible new stuff ~ I am also looking into making up; tote-bags, cell phone cases, flip flops, hand painted items & charms. Most of these I just need to be able to get the right materials to create these & finalize what designs I would like to put on these items!

Long overdue update!

So, I have not been as active since february as I had intended on being!

A lot has happened in life that kind of left me with a lot less time that I had thought I would have.

BUT, now everything is starting to sort out I will be able to have more time to post the interesting stuff I have been working on!

Exciting! :D

Winterfest 2014

Winterfest was really fun this past Saturday, BIG thanks to everyone who came by my art table!

I will have pictures of my work updated tonight & tomorrow & will be updating my etsy throughout this week & next week!~

In the meantime, here are my top 3 pictures from the weekend!